Monday, August 30, 2010

Separated at Birth

I got a this cookbook from the library a couple of days ago, and I think the authors and I are long lost siblings. We believe in American baking. We believe in less sugar/more chocolate. We believe in cooked frostings. We believe in malt.

Everything in this book looks so. damn. good! Sweet and Salty Cake, Chocolate Malt Cake, and these Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Bars. Day-um!

My nickname for these is "Pain in the Butt" bars, because while they're not hard to make, they do take an investment of time (2 1-hour cooling periods) and mess up a lot of dishes. But as they say, nothing worth doing is easy.

The bottom layer is toffee-covered rice crispies, the middle is a peanut butter and milk chocolate ganache-y type situation, and the top is a silky chocolate layer. I know, I had you at toffee.

I love the matte, smooth finish of the chocolate.

And every baker will tell you it's such a thrill when whatever you're making releases from tha pan beautifully and without drama.

Like this.

The fine folks at Smitten Kitchen have a great play-by-play with lots of photos on how to create these decadent squares of deliciousness.

I can't wait to make more treats from this book, and for the next one coming out in the Fall, Baked Explorations. Here are my brothers-in-baking are getting into training for the oncoming media blitz!

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  1. I could barely read past "toffee-covered rice krispies." Hello!!