Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flower Finale!

Tonight was "Graduation Night" for my first cake class - and I'm so proud of my students!

Tonight we learned the final step in the rose, how to make adorable sweet peas, and create leaves and vines.

All of the skills we've practiced over the last four sessions came together in beautiful floral cakes.

Susana perfects yellow roses

Kayla's pretty purple roses

Laura's pink petals

Finishing touch

Dani's hands are really red!

Lovely! After this photo Kayla added a few dots of pink to the purple border - looked great!

Susana's dots are very chic

Laura's amazing creation - I love the rose on the bottom!

Kari's fabulous pink & purple cake is going to her doctor's office as a "Thank You"

Dani's really red roses with a drop-flower border - she's a pro!

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  1. So pretty!! Everyone did so well! I'm impressed. Could have used some of those roses on my Barbie cake...