Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Class: Send In The Clowns!

No, these ladies aren't clowns, but in Course 1 - Class 3 they did learn to make figure-piped clowns. We had so much fun today - just look at the delicious results:

Jen's chic pink and black flower cake

So pretty! Her family was as little caked-out so she had the great idea to post "Who Wants a Free Cake?" on the board of her mother's club. One of the moms happily took her up on the offer and will be serving this scrumptious creation at her BBQ - everybody wins!

Marla perfecting her shell borders

And she made cute clowns for the top. Her cake is going to the nurses at the hospital who are caring for an ill friend - once again, everybody wins!

Kelly topped cupcakes with the clowns

We also practiced swirled flowers. I love the black and white - very Chanel.

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